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Kerjääjät are a ska band with a macabre twist from Helsinki, Finland. Kerjääjät has been playing together since 2009. A hyperactive vocalist and a hearty horn section are some of the hallmarks of the group.

Kerjääjät play their own songs in Finnish, influenced by punk and pop. The topics of the songs vary from love to decay all the way to bodily secretions and the wonders of the animal world.

The group’s debut album Älytöntä suunnittelua ("Unintelligent Design") was released in April 2016. The album was produced and recorded by Kari Degerman, ex-drummer of the best-known Finnish ska group, The Valkyrians.

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- Johanna Ahola-Launonen (vocals)
- Jorge Flores (guitar)
- Anna Kari (bass, backing vocals)
- Markku Hakala / Aura Salmu (drums)
- Otso Helos (alto saxophone)
- Antti Tuomikoski (baritone saxophone)

The Älytöntä suunnittelua album on Spotify

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